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Roots Roots Roots!

I've noticed over the years that that when folks plant a tree they don't always consider what else is beneath the ground they're planting on. Most people find a spot they think the tree will look great and BAM! that's where they put that tree. It's hard to imagine how large your tree will become over the natural course of time, and sometimes faster than you think!

Now I'm not saying not to plant a tree... Definitely plant that sucker! But I've discovered that it is better to take into account what is below the perfect spot for that tree in advance to avoid a big mess down the road.

Tree root growth always amazes me. As someone who is excavating for water, sewer, gas and storm lines all the time, we see root growth in some crazy places.

As much as you don't want to know what is in your sewer line, the tree roots love it! Roots seek out water. Sometimes they'll wrap around an old water line or our favorite sewer, water, gas, and electric line all in the same place.

So what do you do? Give us a call. If you already have a tree root issue we have machines to root out your sewer lines and get things flowing again!

If this is a recurring problem we can pin point and spot repair your line right where the problem is. YOU DO NOT ALWAYS HAVE TO REPLACE THE WHOLE LINE!! Don't get fooled if you have one tree causing issues you don't necessarily have to remove your entire sewer line, or line the whole thing. With a locator and sometimes a camera we can pin point the exact location of your issue.

If you're not sure where your utilities are we can locate your utilities for you as well for the cost of a service call. But it could potentially save you much more in multiple service calls down the road to fix something that could have been prevented.

Our main goal is to help you keep your plumbing in, and out of the house, running clear and free.

So plant your trees my fellow Americans (being mindful of how close you plant to your utility lines), and if you have a root problem or want a second opinion just give us a call. We're here to help.

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