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The REAL TRUTH about Toilet Paper

Baby playing with Toilet Paper

"Is this enough toilet paper mommy?"

Those entertaining commercials on TV are great at getting us comfortable talking about "the go", but what they don't tell you is the ugly truth about "the go"... just because it flushes down the toilet doesn't mean that it will make it through your plumbing system.

Here's what happens:

Your toilets all connect at some point into one pipe and that one pipe goes to your city sewer or septic system. Most of us "flush it and forget it" but much like what happens to arteries when your diet is rich in fat, the same thing can happen to your main sewer and septic lines when you use Double, Triple, Ultra Pillow Soft, Multi-Ply Toilet Paper... THEY CLOG!! Though it may feel nice on your keister, it may not be so nice on your plumbing system.

Now you may ask, "But what can I use then if I can't use my pillow soft paper?" If you know you have these issues with your sewer line it's best to try a paper that breaks up easily when it gets wet.

We recommend a single ply paper such as Scott 1000 or similar...

BUT BE CAREFUL!!! If you really ball up that single ply and use excessive amounts, it can still have the same effect as pillow soft.

If you do run into an issue, have no fear. Crossroads Plumbing & Heating has everything needed to unclog your toughest mess.

We can cable the line, use a root cutter if roots are present, scope the line with a camera and take a video, or we even have a hydro jetter that puts high pressure water through your line to get rid of any foreign substances in your system.

Ultimately, if you don't want to risk the mess, we recommend getting a maintenance package for your sewer line to keep things flowing freely and help prevent issues from occurring. Give us a call anytime for information on available packages.

At the end of the day your toilet paper choice is a personal one, but if any thing does go wrong, Crossroads has you covered.

*BONUS: Get $25 off any scheduled service call during normal business hours with coupon online. See our 'Special Offers' page for details.

Thanks for reading! Got a question for Tio?

Call or Email at (201)384-3063 or

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