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We are ConEd (Consolidated Edison) CT87 Operation Qualification Certified

In the state of New York for any installation, alteration, repair, emergency, or leak you need CT87 Certification. This is a Federal certification that allows us to work on and/or inspect gas lines in the state of New York.  


CT87 Certification # 485381 

Licensed to serve Westchester County, NY

Crossroads Plumbing & Heating is excited to announce that we are now licensed to service the Westchester County, NY area. Please contact us today to schedule a service appointment or consultation for your plumbing & heating needs.

Non-flamable Propress Processes Used!
Crossroads technicians no longer use torches and open flames in residential homes when possible.


All of our technicians are trained and supplied with the latest in non-flammable Propress tools making open flame soldering a thing of the past. Propress reduces the risk of fire and produces a joint that rarely leaks when pressed correctly.

Always Expanding Our Knowledge
Crossroads technicians regularly complete technical courses for the major brand water heaters that service most homes. We are authorized service technicians for AO Smith, Takagi, Bradford White, Rheem, GE, and many more. Crossroads is prepared to provide up-to-date industry leading service for your hot water appliance.


We are approved to service residential heaters, commercial heaters, water boiler heaters, and tankless appliances in northern New Jersey, Bergen County NJ, Central New Jersey, Southern New Jersey, Westerchester County NY, Rockland County NY, and more. Contact us for more information and other service areas available.


Whatever you have in your home or establishment Crossroads can service or replace it! Call today.

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