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In addition to a wide range of plumbing services, we can also provide a complete excavation service package to ensure your comfort and safety.


Underground Sewer, Water Mains, Storm Drain Repair or Replacement.


Crossroads excavation division has the capacity to repair or replace your underground sewer, water main or storm drain lines from the street to your home or building.

As part of our on going effort to give our clients precise diagnosis of underground work, Crossroads uses the latest in video camera and electronic locating. This type of technology allows our clients to see the exact need of the large scale project and we are able to offer the best price for the exact need of our clients.


Are you compliant? Many states now require mandatory annual Backflow Prevention Testing in order to remain compliant with new state regulations.

Crossroads Plumbing & Heating is licensed to test and repair Backflow Devices in New Jersey, New York, and other areas as well (please call for details).

Don't wait until an issue occurs. Have your Backflow Prevention Devices tested now. 

Call Today to schedule your appointment with one of our

Certified Backflow Testers.

CALL (201) 384.3063

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